Do you want to make more money? What if I told you you could make more money from your existing clients, without having to spend a single dime on marketing?

Sure, running a lawn service or landscaping business can provide you with a nice stream of income. But if cutting grass or pulling weeds is all you do, you’re leaving cash on the table. Offering other services designed to complement your main focus can seriously pad out your cash flow. Just ask the pimply faced teenager offering you french fries or the waiter suggesting a wine to accompany your pasta how effective upselling can be.

Supplemental services also help transform your seasonal landscaping into a year-round business. Shoveling snow might not be as glamorous or as fun as creating a colorful flower garden, but it does pay the bills. Year round work means you’ll need year round staff, cutting the vicious cycle of seasonal layoffs that plague so many landscaping companies – and steady work draws steady employees.

The number of supplemental tasks you can offer is almost limitless. Here’s a few services designed to start making you money today and get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

1)    Irrigation Planning and Installation – Tons of homeowners hate laying pipes and the idea of altering water lines – nevermind all the heavy digging associated with installation. Do it for them – at a mark-up, of course.

2)    Water Features – Waterfalls and koi ponds create serene areas designed to relax and calm their owners. Again, this is a service that lots of people want, but few are willing to do for themselves. As a bonus, you can sell ongoing garden services to keep the area around the water feature well-groomed.

3)    Hardscaping – Stone walkways, patios and walls not only add visual interest to an area, they also increase property values. Installing them can be a lot of detailed, physical work – work that many homeowners can’t handle on their own.

4)    Lawn Care or Gardening Maintenance – If you’re a mower, start tending gardens. If you’re a gardener, start mowing lawns. Make yourself an all-in-one solution.

5)    Seasonal Prep & Clean Up – Yards don’t maintain themselves. Even if the time for gardens and lawns is past, there’s still raking, tilling, leaf pick-up, mulching, pruning, planting, parking lot sweeping, sprinkler maintenance and more to be done. You can even offer to put up and take down Christmas lights to generate income during traditionally slow periods.

6)    Snow Removal – Yeah, it’s cold. And yeah, your back can hurt after a while. But there’s always high demand for snow removal, at least in colder regions, and offering it keeps you in the hearts – and wallets – of your customers. Shovels are cheap; besides insurance, all you really have to worry about is staff and gas costs. Attach a plow to the company vehicles to get the job done faster – it’ll pay for itself after an afternoon of clearing driveways.

Those six ideas are just the tip of the iceberg; other possible services include trash and debris disposal and winter wood splitting. Supplemental services make your business more valuable to your client base – and help you squeeze out every dime of potential income.