How can we project a good, positive professional image to a prospective client? In order to do this we need to know how people judge us. We’re judged several ways.

First Impressions

When you go on a first call, do you look like you just came from working on the job? Dirty clothes, work boots, etc. Always wear clean clothes and shined shoes.
Wear styles that suit you. Your dress should project professionalism, success, authority, and creditability. Whatever you do, don’t go on a first call looking like you’ve been working on the job site all day.

What kind of first impression do you make if you’re 20 minutes late for an appointment? Or if you arrive in a car that desperately needs a wash? What about a limp hand shake, or poor posture. What about the condition of your notebook or photo album? Even the pen you write with should be of the best quality. Don’t use a pen that has another company’s name on it, or has teeth marks on it.

We’re judged by our product knowledge. How well do you know this industry. How well do you know your competitors?

We’re judged by our level of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious.

We’re judged by our flexibility. How adaptable are you to other people’s needs? That is temporarily stepping out of your own comfort zone to make another person comfortable in your presence.

We’re judged by our overall knowledge. How well can you converse with people about topics that are of interest to them. Some of these topics are sports, travel, books, movies, current events (not politics), pets.

Some of things you can do to increase your overall knowledge are:

  • Read a daily newspaper cover to cover.
  • Listen to news stations on the radio.
  • Read at least one weekly news magazine.
  • Read at least two books a year.

We’re judged by now sincere we are. If you do not come across as being sincerely interested in your client as an individual you’ll never build a bond of trust, and you’ll lose the sale.

People buy from you because they trust you. Not because you’ve convinced them. Convincing your prospect has nothing to do with it. Trust has everything to do with it.

So lets start shaping up our image and become more professional. More sales will be an automatic result.