Welcome to the first online issue of ProGardenBiz.

ProGardenBiz is here to help you start your own business in the field of landscape maintenance. To help you grow that business into a profitable enterprise. To keep you profitable and, hopefully, entertain you a little along the way.

ProGardenBiz is here to help you become more involved in the operation, expansion, and improvement of your profession. To expose you to a wide variety of products, techniques, support services, and other members of the green industry. Whether you are just starting out or a full-time or part-time residential gardener, a landscape contractor, a park’s department foreman, a tree trimmer, a lawn care operator, a maintenance company employee, a landscape architect, a nurseryman, a general contractor, a real estate developer, an irrigation installer, a property manager, a property owner, an educator, a student or anyone else with a GREEN COLLAR, or someone who has some interest in the Green Industry, the things you will learn from ProGardenBiz will be invaluable.
ProGardenBiz is like no other Green Industry trade magazine. The main focus of our publication is how to start and operate your own landscape maintenance business. We’re going to provide you with information and knowledge and that’s going to go a long way towards helping you become a better businessman. Many of the people who will be writing for us are people who are out there in the field doing the same job you’re doing, successful men and women, business people and professionals, all of them sharing their knowledge with you.

Each month ProGardenBiz will bring you feature stories and articles and an array of regular departments. All designed with one thought in mind, how you can make a profession in this field that is profitable, enjoyable, and rewarding.

You will also find information about the many local businesses such as lawn mower shops, supply houses, and manufacturers as well as the state-wide and national distributers. We are also going to be an affordable, effective advertising medium for small or local businesses as well as national manufacturers.

And… ProGardenBiz is not going to be dull or drab. We’re going to be informative, useful, and enjoyable. We want you to come back and visit often.

And… we’re free. That’s right! There are no subscriptions, no charges for “private areas”. All our information is available to read at no charge.

So, how do we support ProGardenBiz? With our advertisers and sponsors. If you enjoy ProGardenBiz, please visit our sponsors.

One final “and”… please write to us. Tell us what a marvelous wonderful job we’re doing (or not), tell us what you want to read or know about. “The Mailbag” and “It Works for Me” departments are for you and they need you to make them work.

Interested in writing an article or story for us? Have some knowledge you want to share or a tall tale to tell? Great! Write to us today letting us know who you are and what you’d like to write about.