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Rain Master Introduces Industry’s First Internet-based Irrigation System
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Irrigation Monitoring and Management for the 21st Century

The iCentralTM system allows Rain Master customers using Eagle series controllers to receive instant alerts, connect to real-time weather updates and more

Simi Valley, Calif. – Available today from Rain Master is iCentralTM, a new product which transforms Rain Master’s RME Eagle Controller into an Internet-enabled irrigation control center. Now, Rain Master customers can adjust and monitor their irrigation programs using the quick and simple technology of the World Wide Web, no matter where they are.

iCentral by Rain Master is one of a kind for the industry and a much desired solution for those seeking a cost-effective AND real-time system.

Landscaping Product Future Becker

It offers intelligent Evapo-Transpiration or ET data management, remote access and operation of multiple controllers through the convenience of the Internet, and real-time system notifications via text message or e-mail.

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“One of the founding principles at Rain Master is to develop and deliver innovative products and iCentral is no exception,” said Jim Sieminski, president of Rain Master. “It has redefined in terms of cost and ease of use the way our commercial customers manage their irrigation systems.”

Problems such as broken sprinklers, mainline breaks, electrical wire faults, power outages, etc., can now be delivered immediately to an Internet-enabled PDA, cellular phone, laptop or desktop PC for instant attention. Simply visit the iCentral Web site and enter a secure user name and password to gain access to a personal iCentral center to fix or isolate the problem.

With iCentral, customers can now acquire weather data without delay from their local weather stations, allowing for automatic ET data adjustments and initializing shutdowns through the Rain Master RME Eagle Controller. No where else can customers find an intelligent irrigation control system that incorporates and responds to weather data as defined by the user on the iCentral website.

iCentral does not need to be installed. It is not a costly software or hardware application that requires a class to learn how to operate. Cost is wholly dependent on the customer’s system needs and iCentral offers online help and e-mail support.

For more information on bringing your system into the 21st Century with iCentral, visit or your local irrigation and landscape supplier.

About Rain Master

Rain Master is technology based, innovative, environmentally sensitive company dedicated to providing water management solutions to the irrigation industry. Since 1981, product focus at Rain Master has been devoted to the design and development of state of the art electronics, software, and communications technologies as they relate to irrigation controllers, handheld remote controls, and central computerized control systems for the landscape irrigation markets. Visit or e-mail to learn more.