The PlantBox is a cedar planter that fits seamlessly around a pole or post. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to transform an outdoor concrete (or otherwise paved) area into an inviting landscape. The PlantBox can hold about 40 lbs of soil, depending on what you plant. It can be painted and embellished (if you prefer) to integrate beautifully with many architectural styles.

Why use the PlantBox?
If you want to add greenery to a home or office without having to break through paving, the PlantBox provides you with enough soil capacity to hold an abundant burst of floral color, or a space-softening climber — without having to make structural changes.

Property renters and owners can easily create an inviting entry or retreat, and then remove it when it’s time to change or move on.

Great Features
- The PlantBox is easy to assemble. We recommend you use a screwdriver and a mallet. That’s it!
- The PlantBox is precision milled using only sustainably harvested eastern cedar.
- Fits around a 4×4″ post or 5″ diameter pole
- Looks great on patios, decks, around a mailbox, and more.

Gardening Professionals
Contact us for quantity pricing, and to customize the PlantBox to fit specific landscape requirements. We can enlarge the inner space to accommodate large posts, and have also developed a three-sided PlantBox for situations when a post stands on the edge of a patio.

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Cambistat 2SC is a soil-applied plant growth regulator that reduces tree growth and provides therapy for trees in stressful sites. A single application provides these benefits for multiple years depending on use and location.
What is Cambistat?

The active ingredient in Cambistat 2SC is a molecule called paclobutrazol, which belongs to a highly active group of growth regulating compounds called triazoles. Paclobutrazol blocks the formation of gibberellic acid in the isoprenoid pathway.

Why use Cambistat?

Cambistat is a highly effective, easy to apply, plant growth regulator that has many potential uses. With Cambistat you can keep trees from out growing their sites, stabilize over-mature trees, help trees in decline, increase the root growth of newly transplanted or estalished trees, improve the durability of trees growing in unfriendly conditions, and more. Cambistat opens a whole new opportunity to sell effective services that benefit your clients’ trees.

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Cambistat 2SC

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HR-6100 Series
6 Station Indoor Model

Design Features:

Flexible Programming

  • Two independent programs
  • Seven-day “Select-A-Day” calendar with day interval scheduling options from every-other-day to once-every-seven-days
  • Station run times from 1-99 minutes in 1-minute increments
  • Three start times per program, for up to six daily start times
  • “Rain Off” switch
  • 24 hour military time

Easy Operation

  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation
  • Pump start (HR6100-1 model)
  • Simple, user friendly programming dial and selection buttons

Quality Enhancements

  • Battery backup keeps accurate time and maintains program during power failure
  • Automatic safety backup program
  • Plastic indoor cabinet

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