Dear Sir,
I find PG&L to be very interesting as well as a valuable source of information.

Jose Simas
California Garden Care Services
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Jeff,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending PG&L to each one of my foremen as well as myself. The guys really get a lot of valuable information from your publication. I thoroughly enjoy many of the articles, but I get the most pleasure out of the outrageous pictures in the “What’s Wrong With This Picture” series. Sea-West is grateful to your insights and my guys really get a kick out of hearing about other peoples mistakes, instead of listening to me moan at them all the time. We are thankful that you provide our industry with PG&L, truly a periodical that cares about the Green Industry.
Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send PG&L to a couple of our clients. We honestly believe that they will better understand the “malarky” we feed them if they could use your publication as an information source to keep us on the straight and narrow.

Thanks a Million!
Dan Trotter
Sea-West Landscape Design
La Mesa, CA

Letter to the Editor . . . or whatever,
Howdy partner!
Your publication, PG&L is very good and your first Texas Edition (you call it your Southwest Edition) is even better. Much of the credit goes to articles such as the very credible report in “Once Upon a Time . . . ” about the “Grosso-Poto”, by Robert P. Deason, of Dearborn Valley, California.
Poor, Bob! We Texans understand because we are used to things being Bigger and Better! Glad to learn that there are places like that in California, too!
Keep ‘em comin’, Sean! We like seeing PG&L getting classier all the time.

Charles Heinselman
Pine Haven Nursery
Houston, TX

P.S. Bet most of the skeptics look like the Lone Gardener, too!

Dear Editor,
You guys blew it this time! My January issue is missing eight pages (9-16)! What happened? What did I miss?

Faithful Reader,
George Hall
Phoenix, AZ

Starting with our January issue we started our Regional Editions. Since you live in the Arizona you receive the Southwest Edition of PG&L (look at the cover of your magazine). The January West Coast Edition was 64 pages and the Southwest Edition was 56 pages. The missing sixteen pages consist of advertising from the West Coast region and editorial material that pertains only to the states in the West Coast region. So really, being in Arizona you missed nothing at all. Because of the way the magazine is printed the page numbering left eight pages “missing”. As our advertising base continues to grow in the Southwest your edition will continue to get bigger. If you want even more confusion, starting with this issue we now have three editions à West Coast (72pgs), Southwest (56pgs), and Southeast (48pgs). Eventually we expect to have five regional editions covering the entire country.

Dear Reader,
This is the April Fools’ issue isn’t it?

THE Lone Gardener

P.S. I really look like Charles “Chuckie Baby” Heinselman!

Dear Mr. Turnage,
Your letter of February 20th, addressed to our Sacramento store has finally found it’s way to me.
We would be delighted to assist you by distributing free copies of Professional Gardening & Landscaping magazine to our customers at our three Northern California stores. At least for the first few months I would recommend that you ship 150 copies to our Concord store, 75 to Sacramento and 50 to San Jose. Then sometime in June or July we can re-evaluate these quantities and make any necessary adjustments.
It appears to us that you are well on your way to establishing a niche for yourself within our industry. Keep up the good work. We’re pleased to be a small part of your growth.

Thomas L. Blosl
Bay Irrigation & Turf Supply, Inc.
Concord, CA

Dear Sirs,
Where can I get a post hole digger like the one in Mowbots (January, 1987). I’d like to make him my landscape foreman. It’s just what my crew needs!
Thanks for PG&L, we love it.

Nat Banks
Houston, TX

Dear Sirs,
We are proud to announce a new concept in landscape education in Southern California. Beginning September 3, 1987, The Landscape Management Program will initiate its thirty-eight course curriculum.
Landscape companies most valuable resource à employees à can now improve job skills, increase technical knowledge, and enhance their landscape careers while remaining in their own work environment.
Our highly experienced staff, together with outstanding industry speakers, will travel to their facility and provide the most advanced and up-to-date landscape curriculum available.
If your readers are interested in receiving more information they can call (714) 835-5550.

Wayne Smith
Program Director
The Landscape Management Program
Orange, CA

Dear Editor,
We really appreciated the article on weeds by Cynthia Drake in the December and January issues. We have made copies of both articles and passed them out to our workers to use in the field. Keep material like this coming each month. Thanks.

Ed Johnson
Dallas, TX

Dear PG&L,
Just wanted to write a quick note to say I’ve never seen such an up-to-date and readable magazine. Keep up the good work! Now please start sending my copy to my home. It disappears too fast at work.

Thank you,
Tim Baker
Azusa, CA