Wednesday, December 11

Would this tip not exactly apply to all turfgrasses?

I had a question regarding your article titled “Learn from last years lawn care mistakes” under the heading general lawn care tips to keep in mind. I see that it states to set correct mowing height to (2 1/2 to 3 inches). Shouldn’t some type of information be given on knowing what type of turfgrass is on one’s lawn and the correct mowing height for that type turfgrass. Would this tip not exactly apply to all turfgrasses?


You’re right that this tip does not apply to all turfgrass. It mainly applies to fescues and other tall, broad-leaf grasses. Bermuda grass and several others are routinely kept very short, but the height can vary.

Monday, December 2

Your site gave me a lot of useful information…

Just wanted to say that I have been in the residential garden maintenance business for over 10 years and I am now starting to bid commercial landscape maintenance jobs. Your site gave me a lot of useful information on bidding. Thanks so much.

Greenweaver Property Maintenance

Thursday, November 21

Gasohol causes rubber parts to deteriorate quickly

RE: Gasohol (Equipment Maintenance)
“Chain Saw Age” ran an article on the same item related to causing problems with carbs. Gasohol causes rubber parts to deteriorate quickly. The article also stated that there were additives to correct the problem, but did not endorse them.
I like your publication. Do you have a print version?

San Diego, CA

Thank you. We only publish online, however if anyone out there is interested in putting us in print, drop me a line.

Saturday, November 9

your publication was created for me…

Thank You!! I do gardening and sprinkler installation. I feel like your publication was created for me. I’m anxiously looking forward to each issue. Really enjoyed the first issue! Keep up the good work! Loved the cartoons!

San Diego, CA

Friday, November 8

found it refreshing!

I found your web site, and found it refreshing! So many are the same old format. Like this one best.

Evergreen Plant Service
El Cajon, CA

No, I did not pay her to write that letter. How could you even think of such a thing!?!

Tuesday, November 5

Contractors have found these techniques to be… out-dated…

In the first issue of ProGardenBiz, under Irrigation Repair Techniques, Isidoro Hernandez gives advice on two easy ways to repair PVC pipe. Contractors have found these techniques to be time consuming and out-dated. There is a product that has been out on the market for more than three years. It has saved thousands of landscape contractors and gardeners valuable time and money. The product that I am referring to is called “Slip-Fix”. It is available at most irrigation wholesalers in the USA.

AMS Plastics
El Cajon, CA

There is more information on various time and labor saving methods in regard to irrigation repair and maintenance in this issue. See the article called Irrigation Installation and Maintenance Time Savers.

Monday, November 4

It’s the best magazine in the field…

I am looking forward with great interest to future issues of ProGardenBiz. It’s the best magazine in the field for the landscape contractor. I am looking forward to the further adventures of Captain Blight in Pirate Gardeners.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Thursday, October 31

I found your web site to be very informative…

I am a medium size landscape contractor that does both installation and grounds maintenance. I found your web site to be very informative. I would like my employees to receive your email, as a subscription. Is there an easy way this can be arranged? I have six workers.

Landscapes South
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for asking. If anyone would like all their employees or for that matter all the members of their organization, association, trade school, or horticultural program to receive a free subscription please email us with a list of email addresses.

Tuesday, October 29

you do not take the landscape business seriously…

I looked over your “trade” magazine with curiosity. It is my opinion that you do not take the landscape business seriously. The abundance of cartoons and the “humorous” articles are a strong indicator of that. You have some good ideas, but you seem to forget that this is BUSINESS.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I guess you’re right. Landscapers don’t have a sense of humor. Sorry!

Wednesday, October 23

This is GREAT!

Cheers to you! This is GREAT! It’s about time a magazine like this hits the market.

Spring Valley, CA

Tuesday, October 15

I’ve done it in the green biz…

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw ProGardenBiz. It is definitely something that is needed in this area (Yuma). Now, many of your readers may not think that there is much landscaping or gardening in Yuma (or all of Arizona, for that matter), but we don’t have sand in our front yards here. I moved here from San Bernardino four years ago to retire. I figured that at 74 I deserved a rest. I quickly got bored with that and started up another gardening company. I have had countless numbers in my life. I’ve been a landscape contractor, tree trimmer, lawn serviceman, gardener, consultant, designer, and golf course manager. You name it, I’ve done it in the green biz. You know the old song about “no business like show business”? In my opinion “show business” should be replaced with “green biz”. Try singing it. It’s kind of catchy. But now I’m rambling. The point is that I have worked all over Southern California and now in Arizona and have never seen a publication like yours. That’s not to say there are not other magazines in this field. I’ve read them all. Yours in just different and I like that.

Your article on mow and edge was great. Now, don’t take offense, but there was nothing new in what you said. It was great, though, because the information needs repeating for all the new people starting out. Plus sometimes even us old-timers need reminding.

I’ve rattled on enough, but I want to wish you luck. Keep ‘em coming!

Yuma, Arizona

Thursday, October 3

I visited your site and am very impressed…

I visited your site and am very impressed with the quality and quantity of information you have presented. Keep up the good work!

If you don’t mind my saying so, it may be better to decrease the total file size of your home page… for those of us with dial-up modems (still the vast majority), the page took 15-20 seconds to load. I’ve learned over the last few years that surfers are a very impatient lot - they’ll just click on down the road if load time is too slow.

Clearwater Landscape Design
Priest River, Idaho

Visualize and Plan Your New Landscape Online

Thanks for the advice. I’ll see what we can do about the load time of the home page.

Friday, September 27

too much fluff…

I found your web page while seaching for some landscaping info. It’s interesting, but too much fluff. Lose the comics and get more useful info on these pages. Just my 2 cents.

Norcross, GA

We’re adding more content every week (see the Editor’s Desk). We appreciate your comments, but everyone likes something different. So, we have a little of everything and something different for everyone!

Saturday, September 7

I’ve bookmarked your site…

I’ve bookmarked your site on the computer in our shop and everyone is enjoying it. I loved the “Pirate Gardeners” strip. I think we have a few of them in our area.

Memphis, TN

Wednesday, September 4


Thanks for the email about this web site. As it happens we just had a problem with gophers on one of our jobs. Although I found the article (see The Pocket Gopher, ed.) interesting, we solved the problem the easy way. We called in a professional that specialized in pest problems. Do what you do best, I always say! I’ve bookmarked this page and told some friends.

San Marcos, CA

You are certainly right about calling in the right people to do the job. Landscapers and gardeners cover a wide variety of tasks, but sometimes it just makes more sense to have a specialist handle it. We appreciate the input and the referrals.

Tuesday, September 3

I like it…

I like it. Keep it coming.

North Hollywood, CA

Thank you! Let us know what features and columns you would like to see in future issues.

Sunday, July 21

Read with interest…

I received your press release about ProGardenBiz and read with interest your ideas for an online magazine. Your slant for start-ups sounds good, but I’m already in the business and really don’t need more competition. I look forward to seeing it anyway. Thanks for the information.

St. Cloud, Florida