Scottsdale, Arizona based Ironite Products Company, the sole manufacturer of Ironite, a natural soil supplement and fertilizer, announced the results of extensive laboratory and field tests of its

popular lawn and garden product. Plant, toxicological and mineralogical tests, as well as a human risk assessment, were conducted by state agencies, soil and environmental laboratories, and academic institutions throughout the country.


“Ironite is one of the most useful products I’ve found for maintaining green and healthy lawns” - Ted Chabot, Landscape Contractor


Ten years ago, we started conducting plant studies to determine why Ironite was causing truly amazing root growth and healthy, green lawns said Heinz Brungs, Ironite president and chief executive officer.

Today, I am pleased to report the scope of rigorous testing this product has undergone to prove it is safe to use and safe to the environment.

The results of plant tests: Ironite enhances yield, quality and nutrient uptake by creating a stronger, healthier root system. Every time an experiment has been run with Ironite, a significant increase in root growth has been identified said Paul J. Eberhardt, Ph.D., soil scientist and agronomist, Inter Ag Services, Inc., Phoenix. In lawns this enhances disease resistance and produces a lush, green turf.

Recent studies conducted by Eberhardt have found: Ironite increased the yield of dry red chili peppers by more than 800 pounds per acre; root length averaged 200 percent longer in Ironite treated pots of perennial ryegrass lawns; Ironite Ironite Green Healthy Lawns Ironiteused at low rates (1.5 pounds per 1,000 square feet) increased the root system of sweet corn more than 45 percent. Other crops being tested at this low rate of Ironite include broccoli, tomatoes, cantaloupe, Swiss chard, squash, cotton and common ryegrass.

The results of the human health risk assessment, and toxicological and mineralogical tests: Risk assessment studies that followed standard United States Environmental Protection Agency methods show Ironite poses no health concern for gardeners or homeowners. Toxicological tests confirm Ironite is safer than many other common household items if accidentally ingested. Mineralogical tests show metals naturally occurring in Ironite are not available for uptake by plants or humans, therefore, posing no threat to the environment.

As a good corporate citizen, Ironite has taken the right steps to demonstrate its product is safe said Paul D. Bergstrom, risk assessment manager, Knight Piesold and Co., an environmental consulting firm in Denver. According to Bergstrom, who conducted the comprehensive product safety risk assessment of Ironite, the results of the mineralogy study were strongly supported by the results of an acute oral LD 50 toxicity study conducted in rats in accordance with State of Washington and U.S. EPA methods. There were no deaths or toxicity observed in the rats given the highest dose required (5,000 mg of Ironite per kg of body weight) to measure toxicity.

At the conclusion of the study, the rats dosed with Ironite were as healthy as the rats not dosed with Ironite. If metals were truly of concern, we would have seen animal deaths and signs of toxicity said Bergstrom.

Ironite is a natural soil supplement and fertilizer that has been used internationally by farmers, professional landscapers and gardeners, agronomists and private homeowners who seek to improve root systems, plant color, and enhance green lawns. Athletic lawns and golf courses are major users of Ironite. A popular choice for home, lawn and garden for 43 years, Ironite is not manufactured by chemical processing, but rather from naturally occurring rock containing essential minerals.

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