My Dad, Steve Everhart, is a Master Gardener who has many talents that I believe are worthy of sharing. You may be thinking, “How is he any different from other gardeners who submit articles to this web site.” My Dad also thinks he is an ordinary gardener who just enjoys his passion in life. I believe he has unique talents that should be shared.


Pond Facts

Cleaning Ponds and Moving Fish

Here are a few tips and cautions:

The holding container must be free of any residues that could harm the fish.

It should be placed in the shade.

Put a pump into the container to bubble the water to make sure the fish have enough oxygen.

Use pond water in this container (not clean, fresh water), this lessens the shock of the move for the fish.

Stop feeding the fish a couple of days before the move (to reduce “output” to prevent poisoning the water.

De-chlorinate the new pond water, adjust the pH and add live, beneficial bacteria to get the new pond up and running quickly.

When moving the fish back into the pond be sure the temperature of the holding tank water and that of the pond are about equal.

Refrain from feeding fish several more days after moving them back into the pond and then start very slowly to prevent ammonia and/or nitrite spikes.

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Garden Ponds

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Steve Everhart resides in Bristol, Virginia. I have always known him to landscape our yard and maintain a variety of plants. His most recent creation is a water garden that he designed and built himself.

Custom Designed Ponds book

He laid every stone in a strategic place and spent many days and nights planning and building this project.

There are two ponds to this masterpiece. The lower pond is connected to the top pond by aCustom Designed Ponds book trickling waterfall that provides a peaceful atmosphere. This is not your ordinary water garden for the mere fact that the lower pond is in the shape of a heart (which represents our last name “Everhart”). It is not a completed project. The plans include landscaping by adding plants and even fish in the water garden.

Custom Designed Ponds Illustration 2

My Dad lives his life to work outdoors, whether that is in our yard or someone else’s yard. Many people often seek his expertise for landscaping ideas. He is most gracious and giving to help others enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. I am proud of my Dad who is a hard working man who affects the lives of many by gardening.

Custom Designed Ponds illustration 3