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Installing a Water Garden
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Volume 1 Issue 2
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ProGardenBiz Landscape & Garden Magazine for the Green Industry

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Green Industry Pro Being a Pro: A Series on Professionalism: Uniforms - Image & Perceptions
It's not the latest fashions from Paris, but... It is what's important to you as a business person in the Green Industry.
Green Industry irrigation ideas Irrigation Installation and Maintenance Time Savers
Creative ideas for making life easier in irrigation repair, maintenance or installation. Ideas for landscape contractors and gardeners.
Green Industry Water Garden business Installing a Water Garden
Installing a water garden or pond can seem like a monumental task, but it actually can be a fun project you can easily tackle. Add waterscape to your landscape business profile.
Green Industry business program Don't Get Ripped Off... Again!
The Business Alert Equipment Registration Program. Don't hire Rambo yet, read this first. If you carry landscape tools, this is a must.
Green Industry design and install ideas Creative Landscaping with Railroad Ties
It's the only thing you install or buy "new" that is used! Great ideas for landscape design and creative gardening.
Green Industry irrigation tool idea Innovative Irrigation Tool: The Chain Saw!
A chain saw for irrigation? You bet! Take a look at this.
Green Industry trade show adventure
I Survived the Landscape Industry Trade Show
Did you? Read the adventures of a landscape contractor at a major Green Industry Trade Show.


Green Industry magazine editor Green Industry mailbag, letters Green Industry organizations, associations, trade shows, seminars
Editor's Desk MailBag Professional Organizations

Green Industry tips and ideas Green Industry calendar of events Green Industry humor articles stories
It Works for Me... Calendar Once Upon a Time...

Green Industry selling tips Green Industry business ideas and tips Green Industry renegade gardener
Selling the Job The Startup Garden The Renegade Gardener

Green Industry landscape maintenance techniques Green Industry landscape design techniques Green Industry planting tips
Landscape Maintenance Techniques Landscape Design Techniques Planting Tips

Green Industry fun and humor Green Industry writing tips
Just for Fun Writing Tips Public Relations Toolkit

Green Industry HR answers and information
HR Answers Templates & Forms
for Landscaping

Green Industry garden horticulture Green Industry products of the future Green Industry landscape equipment maintenance
Garden Horticulture Products of the Future Equipment Maintenance

Green Industry small engine advisor Green Industry yard doctor Green Industry health maintenance
The Small Engine Advisor The Yard Doctor Health Maintenance

Green Industry waterscapes Green Industry garden ponds
Interiorscape Waterscapes Garden Ponds

Green Industry tree trimming Green Industry arboriculture Green Industry irrigation techniques
In the Treetops Arboriculture & Landscape Maintenance
Irrigation Techniques

Green Industry business advice Green Industry website tips and advice
What's Wrong with this Picture? Straight Talk Websites that Work

Green Industry Plant Man Green Industry computer tips and advice Green Industry classifieds
The Plant Man KeyStrokes Classifieds

Special Features

Green Industry start business Intro - How to Start and Run a Landscape Garden Maintenance Business
The basics, step-by-step. How to start with little or no $$ and build a thriving business. You too can start your own landscape or garden maintenance business.
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Green Industry Ask Joe, He'll Know!
Ask Joe, He'll Know! Green Industry Survey

Editorial Information
Editorial Profiles

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