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Internet Search Tips

If you are looking for more information on the Green Industry and the landscaping and gardening business ProGardenBiz has over 40 feature articles, columns, news, and tips in each issue. Previous articles and information can be found in the Archives.

For additional information you can use a good search site such as Google or All-the-Web. When doing a search use terms that define your interest.

Typical search terms for the Green Industry are:

landscape contractor
landscape maintenance
lawn care
grounds maintenance
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Use two or three words that best describe your search such as:

start garden business

You can add or delete words to refine your search if the results are not successful.

ProGardenBiz is here to help answer your questions. We welcome your questions. Email us at: editor

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Green Industry Resources & Useful
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Looking for other useful Green Industry web sites? Searching for more information on landscaping and gardening? Then this is the place! In the ProGardenBiz Resource area you will find:

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Link Pages:

Landscape Garden Business Links

Guzman's Greenhouse
Family owned and located at 655 E. University Avenue, Las Cruces, New Mexico. We have a wide range of houseplants, beddindg plants, shrubs, trees, soils, pond products and insecticides to meet all of your garden and landscaping needs. We also have bulk sod and soil, plus a wide range of drip hoses, tools, and accessories for your garden or lawn.

Korit Sales Inc
Distributor of contractor supplies and building materials.  Power tools, hand tools, metal roofing, basement egress window wells, flexible stucco, foundation drainage, insulated foam forms and more.

KBS Metal Roofing
Distributor of stone-coated metal roofing and other innovative roofing materials.  Our roofing wistands 120 mph winds and 2 1/2" hail.  Class 'A' Fire rating.  This may be your last roofing decision!

Complete selection of hammocks, hammock chairs, swings, stands and accessories at discounted prices. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Speak with our friendly, knowledgeable Hammock Experts toll-free now!
Custom house plans to fit your lifestyle 

  • Goal – To help licensed pesticide applicators comply with 48hr notification law quickly, easily and cost efficiently.
  • Geographic information system (GIS) – This system gives the user the ability to get adjacent property information on any parcel in Nassau County in seconds.
  • File Building- All data queried comes in mail merge format ready to print on our notification card templates.
  • And much more... Green Industry Inc.

GENERATOR SUPERSTORE! - Southwest Fastener and Supply
The largest selection of generator, water pump, pressure washer, chainsaw, and lawn mower products at the lowest prices anywhere. Powered by Honda, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Onan, Kawasaki, Snapper, Husqvarna, 3M, and more!

Ez Up Tent Party Tents Wedding
Offers Party Tents, Ez Up Tent, Portable Garages, and Wedding Tents for Sale and for Rent.

Remodel Online
The Webs Most Popular Do
It Yourself Guides

Business Opportunities & Services

Castle Print & Design
The ultimate resource for all forms, labels, business card printing and graphic design tailored to your exact requirements.

Lets Go 123

This site seeks to expose the secrets of working successfully on the net, primarily as a means of generating income. Information dispels Myth and Legend, to help cut out the mis-information that bombs us daily whilst working on the net

If you have any questions, or comments, please write to us. Send us an email. Please include your name and address. We reserve the right to edit letters.


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