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Volume 1 Issue 2
Green Industry Gardener Dreams

Calendar of Trade Shows, Seminars in the Green Industry

ProGardenBiz Landscape & Garden Magazine for the Green Industry

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Green Industry Calendar of Trade Shows, Seminars

Upcoming Events

Trade shows, seminars, and other events by professional organizations in the Green Industry are great places to learn more about your field and to keep your knowledge up-to-date with the latest techniques and equipment.

All year long maintenance gardeners and landscape contractors will be attending trade shows and expostions in ever increasing numbers. These are successful men and women, employers and employees who have discovered a way to get a jump on their competition or learn more about their chosen profession.

Why? Because landscape and garden trade shows are an excellent way to learn about new products and equipment innovations. They are also an excellent place to acquire the latest information regarding the specifications of fertilizers, amendments, herbicides, equipment, irrigation products, and more.

There are shows and seminars for the gardener, landscape contractor, nurseryman, irrigation specialist, grounds and lawn maintenance technician, and other specialists in the Green Industry.

Manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers are there ready and willing to talk to you about their products and services. If you have questions or comments about a product or landscape technique, a trade show is a good place to get those answers and to be heard.

These events are for the seasoned professional and for those just starting their own landscape or garden business.

Make plans to enhance your business by attending a trade show, seminar, or conference in your area.

To see a particular month's events, click on the link below:

January 2003

January 5-7

WESTERN 2003 Convention & Trade Show
816 233-1481

January 7-9

Eastern PA Turf Conference & Trade Show
King of Prussia, PA
John Chassard
610 967-4643

January 8-10

Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show
Baltimore, MD
800 431-0066

January 8-10

Montana Nursery & Landscape Association Annual Trade Show & Meeting
Billings, MT
888 220-1569

January 10-11

ALCA Masters in Management for the Landscape Industry
Atlanta, GA
800 395-2522

January 13-17

ProGreen Expo
Denver, CO
303 756-1079

January 13-15

Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
800 375-3642

January 14-16

43rd Virginia Turf & Landscape Conference & Trade Show
Richmond, VA
Susan Floyd
540 942-8873

January 14

Southeast Turf Conference
Lake Worth, FL
800 882-6721

January 15-17

Canada's International Horticultural Lawn and Garden Trade Show & Conference
Toronto, ON
800 265-5656

January 15-17

Mid-America Horticultural Trade Show
Chicago, IL
847 526-2010

January 16-18

Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition
Fort Lauderdale, FL
800 375-3642

January 16

Southwest Turf Conference
Ft. Myers, FL
800 882-6721

January 16-19

2003 Green & Grown Show
Winston-Salem, NC

January 18-20

Chattanooga, TN
931 473-3951

January 20-22

Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show
Columbus, OH
800 825-5062

January 20-January 23

73rd Annual Michigan Turfgrass Conference
Lansing, MI
Kay Patrick
517 321-1660

January 21-January 22

Maryland Turfgrass 2003 Conference & Trade Show
Baltimore, MD
John Krouse
301 345-4199

January 21-January 29

Massachusetts Course in Organic Land Care for Professionals

Boyleston, MA
617 576-0810

January 22-January 24

2003 Idaho Horticulture Expo: "The Best Little Show In The West"
Boise, ID
Ann Bates
800 462-4769

January 27-January 29

69th Iowa Turfgrass Conference & Trade Show
Des Moines, IA
800 605-0402

January 29-January 31

INLA 2003 Annual Convention & Trade Show
Des Moines, IA
Natalie Leonard
816 223-1481

January 29-January 30

New Jersey Trade Show
Somerset, NJ
Carl Nordstrom
800 314-4836

January 29-January 31

Iowa Nursery & Landscape Association 2003 Convention and Trade Show
Des Moines, IA
816 233-1481

January 30-February 1

The Gulf States Horticultural Expo
Mobile, AL
Linda Van Dyke
334 502-7777

If you would like your event listed here, just send us the details in an email. Please include contact information, email address, and web site address. If you have any questions, or comments, please write to us. Send us an email. Please include your name and address. We reserve the right to edit letters.

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