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List your business at no charge in the Internet Directory exclusively for the Green Industry.

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Learn and have fun exchanging ideas with other professionals in the Green Industry.

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Advertising in ProGardenBiz Magazine & Directory

ProGardenBiz Online Magazine & Directory offers a great opportunity to reach targeted customers in the Green Industry. Our primary readers are lawn care operators, landscape contractors, irrigation specialists, waterscape specialists and, most importantly, people looking to start their own business in the Green Industry. These readers are new to the industry and looking for information on starting and running their new businesses. These are first time buyers who have not yet made brand name decisions.

We have top rankings in the major search engines for many search terms including "Green Industry magazine", "Green Industry Directory", "landscape contractor magazine" and many other terms like "railroad ties" or "lawn mowing business tips". ProGardenBiz Online Magazine & Directory is currently averaging 13,500 unique visitors per month and over 30,000 page views.  We offer targeted banner advertising in premiere locations of our website. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your banner in the place you want it. Individual page placements are on a first-come basis.

We have both banner advertising and newsletter advertising.

Banner Advertising

Banner Locations are at the top of the page, bottom of page, left column and in-line near top of the article. We do not rotate banners, these are full placements.

Home page, top of fold, and in-line editorial positions are an additional 15%. Prices are per month, pre-paid.

Top of fold placements are the top portion of any page that is normally first seen without scrolling.

Banner Sizes (in pixels) and Prices are as follows:

Banner Type Size Price
Top/Bottom of page, Full Banner: 468 x 60 $45.00 each
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Left Column or in-line editorial, Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600 $85.00 each
Left Column or in-line editorial, Vertical banner: 120 x 240 $45.00 each
Left Column or in-line editorial, Square Button: 125 x 125 $20.00 each
Left Column or in-line editorial, Button 2: 120 x 60 15.00 each
Bottom Center or In-line editorial, Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 $75.00 each

Contract Discounts:

Six month: 5%
Annual: 10%

Contracts are pre-paid.

Multiple Ad Discounts:

5+: 2%
10+: 5%

Discounts are cumulative.

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Newsletter Advertising

ProGardenBiz Online Magazine & Directory sends out a weekly newsletter with over 700 subscribers and the list grows everyday. These subscribers are landscaping professionals who signed up for our ProGardenBiz eZine with articles and business tips. This is a perfect place to target motivated landscape professionals with your products or services.

Your ad in our newsletter can be 10 lines in length and will include a link to your website and stand out as it will be separated from the editorial text.

Newsletter Advertising Pricing:

$50 for one month or four newsletters

5% discount when combined with banner advertising. Ads are pre-paid.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Steve Fleming
Sales Dept.


Green Industry Directory Advertising

ProGardenBiz Green Industry Directory is a Yahoo-style directory devoted to businesses in the Green Industry. Registration and a basic listing is free. The directory can be found at:

A basic listing is for one category. 100 word maximum. You can suggest new categories if there is not one you feel is appropriate for your business. After registering you can place the listing yourself. Listings are reviewed and approved usually within 48 hours.

Example of Basic Listing:

Premium Directory Advertising

Premium Directory Listing - $25 per month


  1. Multiple categories, up to five. Categories do need to be relevant.
  2. Editor's Pick - appears on the Editor's Pick page, but order of placement is random.
  3. Top Section of Category - appears in the top section of the category listings before free listings, but placement within top section is random.

Photo Listing - $25 per month

Includes one photo, 100 x 100 pixels maximum size. Photo appears on all category listings of same listing if you have multiple categories. Photo is placed at the beginning of the listing.

Example of Photo Listing:

Premium Top of Category Listing - Additional $25.00 per month

Premium placement is available for Premium Directory Listings with Photo Listings. Placement within the category (starting with the top position) is assigned on a first-come basis. Priority is given to longer contracts. Contract holders have first right of refusal at time of renewal. Priority placements are reassigned at the first of each month, depending on expiration of contracts and availability of positions.

Example: If you purchase a six month contract for the Premium Top of Category Listing before anyone else then your listing will appear at the top of the category listing for that six month period. At the end of your contract you have the option to renew. If someone else has purchased a 12 month contract then they will assume the top slot unless you renew for a 12 month (or greater period). As first in the category you have the first right of refusal on that spot.

Home Page Premium Listing - Additional $25.00 per month

Any listing may be place on the Home Page with this option. Home Page Premium Listings are only available for Premium Directory Listings with Photo Listings. Placement within the home page is random unless you also have a Premium Top of Category listing.

Contract Discounts:

Six month: 5%
Annual: 10%

Minimum contract is three months. Contracts are pre-paid.

Multiple Ad Discounts:

5+: 2%
10+: 5%

5% discount when combined with banner advertising. Ads are pre-paid.

Discounts are cumulative.

Start driving targeted customers to your website today!

To order contact us at:

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Then please email us ( with the url where you posted our link. Once we have verified our link is properly displayed on your page we will be happy to add a reciprocal link here, back to your site. If you have a banner or graphic image you wish us to use please include it or the url for it in your email. Thank you.

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Green Industry magazine advertising
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Internet Search Tips

If you are looking for more information on the Green Industry and the landscaping and gardening business ProGardenBiz has over 40 feature articles, columns, news, and tips in each issue. Previous articles and information can be found in the Archives.

For additional information you can use a good search site such as Google or All-the-Web. When doing a search use terms that define your interest.

Typical search terms for the Green Industry are:

landscape contractor
landscape maintenance
lawn care
grounds maintenance
Green Industry
landscape magazine
garden magazine
lawn maintenance
lawn equipment
ad rates

Use two or three words that best describe your search such as:

start garden business

You can add or delete words to refine your search if the results are not successful.

ProGardenBiz is here to help answer your questions. We welcome your questions. Email us at: editor

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