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Dear Vicki,

I see the term "sell-through" mentioned in virtually everything I read about web marketing. What is sell-through, and how does it affect my online sales?


Clueless in Cleveland

Dear Clueless,

"Sell-through" is one of the most important concepts in web marketing. It refers to how well your website converts visitors into buyers. In a moment I'm going to provide you with a resource list for increasing your website's sell-thru. But first, a few basics...

Let's say that you receive one order for every 120 visitors to your website. Then your site's sell-through is 120:1 (pronounced 120 to 1).

Once you know your site's sell-through, you can mathematically predict how many orders you're going to receive based on the amount of traffic coming to your site. For example let's say that your sell-through is 88:1. So if you get 88 visitors per day to your site, you'll get one order. 880 visitors daily will get you 10 orders. And
8,800 visitors will bring in 100 orders.

"Conversion ratio" is another term for sell-thru. A site that gets 5 orders for every 100 visitors has a conversion ratio of 5%. (in terms of sell-through, this would be 100:5 or 20:1)

This is important: Until your website has an acceptable sell-through, it doesn't make sense to waste time and energy on driving traffic to your site. Right? Think about that one carefully. FIRST get your site's sell-thru up to speed, and THEN then drive mega traffic to your site.

I have prepared a list of things you can do to boost your website's sell-thru. Click to for this and other info on this subject.


Victoria Steele

Dear Vicki,

I've been hearing a lot of people refer to websites as being "sticky." What does this mean?

Puzzled in Phoenix

Dear Puzzled in Phoenix,

"Sticky" is a relatively new term for a web marketing concept that's been around a while. It refers to a website's ability to keep visitors on the site, to get them to explore more of the site, and/or to get them to return to the site occasionally or regularly.

Search engines, portal sites and resource sites generate advertising revenue per pageview, so the stickier the better. E-commerce sites, affiliate sites and others also benefit from being sticky.

CBS is a good example of a sticky site. This stock/investment related site contains timely news and excellent company data. The vast amount of info results in a good number of pageviews per visitor. Plus, visitors return on a daily basis to get the latest-and-greatest market news and stock data. Lots of pageviews per visitor AND repeat visits... now that's what you might call really sticky.

If you would like further info on this subject, click to where I have prepared a list of things you can do to make your site sticky, plus I've listed some related resource sites.

Victoria Steele

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