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If you are looking for more information on the Green Industry and the landscaping and gardening business ProGardenBiz has over 40 feature articles, columns, news, and tips in each issue. Previous articles and information can be found in the Archives.

For additional information you can use a good search site such as Google or All-the-Web. When doing a search use terms that define your interest.

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start garden business

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1 Apple Tree Planting Tips V1 Issue 2
Apple Trees, Plants Growing and Changing
by Gail, PH.D. Saunders-Smith

2 Dendrobium Orchid Interiorscape V1 Issue 2
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids
by Alec Pridgeon

Highly recommended for its beautiful photographs and readable, accessible information... popular addition to any general or botanical collection.
3 Ficus Benjamin Plant Man V1 Issue 2
The ABC's of Indoor Ficus Trees
by Patricia Hamilton

"I was genuinely surprised to open this book and find the answer to every question I had about the forest of ficus that I have to care for daily. I put the suggestions into practice and the trees stopped shedding leaves and are now beginning to grow strongly. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who needs help with these temperamental, but beautiful trees." A reader, Los Angeles, CA
4 Arc en Ciel Lily Waterscape V1 Issue 2
Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads: Creating and Enjoying a Family Pond, by Louise Riotte
"This is a beautifully written book! It contains many whimsical anecdotes on the process of building a pond, also much practical information on plants, fish, frogs, turtles, and ducks. Having just built a pond, I found this book just the ticket. It doesn't have much about the actual digging and construction--that information is best obtained from your local Soil and Water Conservation Office. But I highly recommend this book if you're building a "real" pond (not one of those plastic pool things)." A reader from Ohio
5 Hardy Water Lily "Attraction" Waterscape V1 Issue 3
Where the Water Lilies Grow
by R. D. Lawrence

By reading Where the Water Lilies Grow you will have the unique and enjoyable opportunity of accompanying R.D. Lawrence as he explores a lake and its environs near his former home in the Canadian backwoods. As Lawrence shares his keen observations and insight you learn about the wondrous ways of the natural world through the seasons. With this education comes a greater respect and an increased commitment to protecting what is invaluable – and what is being rapidly destroyed.
6 Perennial Ryegrass Plant Tips V1 Issue 3
Picture Perfect: Mowing Techniques for Lawns, Landscapes and Sports
by David R. Mellor
David Mellor's lawn patterns have been displayed on the fields of major-league sports teams and have been copied by professional grounds managers. In this guide for turf professionals and the interested reader, Mellor describes pattern-mowing techniques for use on home lawns, managed landscapes, sports fields, and golf courses.

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